Sunday, April 8, 2012

My New Online Shoppe

I have one knitting project in one corner, sewing  in another, bath fizzies drying on a shelf , while still two of my bedrooms are now dedicated to craft supplies.  I know all of this clutter or what I like to call my creativity, drives my family crazy.  I knew I needed to find a solution and become more organized with my crafts, ok, I really just need to find a home for all of my "CREATIONS".    All I know is a  person can only wear so many aprons.  This year I have decided to design an online store that will contain all of my handcrafted items, craft supplies and some vintage items.    Two weeks ago, I purchased my domain name, and began to work on my new project.   I just didn't realize how hard and time consuming it would be.  I must say that the hosting site that I am using has a lot of education videos,,,,thank goodness.  Now I can't wait for the end result. 

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