Monday, September 5, 2011

Panic Over September 15th Deadline

So I have no idea why I have placed myself in this stressfull situation once again.  I have procrastinated all year long.  Actually, It feels like I blinked and the year flew by.  I have waited until the last moment to create aprons for the September 15th submission deadline in chance that they might be picked for the APRON*OLOGY 2012  magazine.  I have planned on submitting two aprons.  So far, I have only one in the sewing process and have only created the bib.  Since I design my aprons as I go along, I can't wait to see the finished project.  But I do have a great idea that involves, suede, cow print, and barb wire trim....hint, hint.  I will post the finished apron pictures as soon as they are completed.  So look out all of my fellow Apronistas out there, there is going be a lot of competition this year.   I feel its such an honor to be part of such a fantastic magazine as Apron-logy.   Enough  of my jibber jabber, the pressure is now on.  I have the next two days off from work, time to warm up the sewing machine and get down to business. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Fun

I've been fussed at again...Its been 8 months since I last posted on my blog.  So much has happened I am not sure where to start.  My "mother and daughter apron set" came out in the February issue of Apronology.  I was given a 3 page feature spread with also one of my apron pictures located on one of the index pages.  I was so excited to see my aprons in print.  I have felt so blessed the past two years   I just hope I came repeat it once again this year.
By April my mother was busy trying to get ready for my grandmother to move in with her.  She had lots of organizing, cleaning and redecorating to accomplish by the time my grandmother moved in (end of May).  My mother lives 5 houses down the street.   Now I have both of them 5 houses down.  I think it has been a big adjustment for both of them.  My mother has a 3 bedroom home but my grandmother moved out of a 2 bedroom apartment.  They are a little cramped for space but it will be great having all of us girls together in the same town,  4 generations.  All of us love to cook and do crafts so I anticipate fun times ahead.  Below is a picture I took last summer at my grandmother's place.

My family and I went to Disney World in June and had a fantastic time.... as usual.  I just love that place.  Although we were home sick after the 8 days....we still didn't want to leave Micky, Minnie, Donald and Daisy behind.   It was so stinking hot down in Florida though...I thought I was literally melting.  In 2006, during our first Family Disney trip, I took a picture like this one...Now  2011 version, lets hope it actually ends up in the Christmas Cards that is was intended for...

Now that school is out, vacation is over, I can start focusing on my aprons again.  I found some adorable fabric in the past few months that is begging to be sewn.

I need to take more pictures of the fabric that I just purchased.  OOPS. I just remembered that I need to make a desert for a bar-b-q that my family and I have been invited to.  I better stop typing and get to baking.  I hope to write more than once in eights months.