Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer is Over?

Summer is Over?  My memories of the past 90 days can be condensed in a flash of a second.  I can't believe it has come and gone.  My off days were filled with chauffeuring my daughter around to the numerous sports camps that she attended, extremely hot sultry days and nights (almost too hot to breathe), sewing more aprons, working on my TKGA knitting course, and of course working at the hospital.  Our schools have already been in session for almost 6 weeks and I'm now wondering were that time went.  Is it really true that time flies as you get older?
 My stress week was meeting  Stampington & Company 's admission deadline of September 15th.  I was so honored last year to have two aprons featured in their Feb. 2010 Issue of Apron*ology.  I keep hoping that I will get picked again this year.  I sent a pink apron that reminds me of a Scandinavian print, and a Mother and Daughter apron that is full of color and sass. 
I can't wait to hear their selection of aprons to be picked for the next edition.

The greatest news is I booked our Disney World Vacation planned for next summer.  We booked the Pirate Room at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  I can't wait.  Look how adorable the picture is.
I am so Disney obsessed.  I will be posting more and more pictures as the time gets closer.  My husband and I try to plan our days that the best that one can.  It does pay to be as organized as possible at Disney so you can enjoy yourselves stress free (like making dinner reservations).  I will not forget our trip 2 years ago when I forgot to make the dinner reservations for Epcot.....we walked for 2 hours until we found a restaurant that could take us.  Never, Never AGAIN.  Not this girl.  This is more pictures of the Caribbean Beach Resort. 

This is just one of the 6 pools they have.  Huge slide.

Part of the man made 46 acre beach.

Next we will start working on our itinerary for each day.  For now,,I will continue countdown of 250+ days until we see Mickey.