Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sold All But One Apron !

I can't believe the week I have had
 I had listed about 14 Aprons on etsy (including my Halloween apron) during the past couple of months.  I have only sold 2 so far on etsy...very slow sales.  
One of the girls I work with at the Hospital asked me to bring all my aprons (18 total) to work just to look at them.  So here I am, trying to be very cafeful that "bosses" did not see, (we have a NO solicitation rule now), sneaking around each corner......well it was a profitable showing....the girls went crazy, money was being thrown and they were snatching aprons out of each others' hands, and all 18 were sold.  

So it looks like I need to get sewing on more aprons.