Sunday, October 10, 2010

PICK ME! Oh, please pick me.

Pick me, oh, please pick me....are the little words that have been jumping around in my head for the past couple of weeks as I think about my apron submissions to Apron*ology Magazine.  I am still in awe of having had 2 of my aprons picked for the February Issue 2010 Apron*ology magazine.  It makes me all giddy feeling inside just thinking about it.  SOOOOO you can imagine when I received an email on Friday, October 8, at 1020am announcing that 2 of my aprons have been selected to be in the 2011 Edition.  WOOOOO HOOOO.   Now, at this point, my excitement could hardly be contained.  My husband had come home early from work, and found me jumping around and screaming.  I immediately reached for my cell phone and started calling everyone that I could think of and announce the good news.  The Mommy and child green apron set is what was selected.   Both aprons have handcrafted crochet flowers that match the design of the material.  I haven't heard about the pink apron yet.  I'm still keeping my finger crossed.