Monday, March 15, 2010


One of my peeps is having a really cool givaway.  Its not hard to sign up.  Just grab her button on her blog and become a follower.  Take a look, its a FANTASTIC blog.  Her blog is addictive.  Her witty personality shines and is intertwined through her written word. 

Fiona and Twig Paris Flea Market Giveaway
These are just some of the things being given away :
Handwritten letters from 1907 and 1909
Handwritten receipt (1912) and unused receipts

A ticket for 10 francs for the Panama Canal

A handwritten menu from 1946

A carte postal with a lady, a gentleman and flowers

2 music cards (used by marching bands in parades) wrapped in 1 yard of antique French ribbon with a tiny saint medal attached.
A bunch of book pages and miscellaneous papers

Hurry!  Time is limited,  I've been informed (by a little birdy) the drawing will be March 31st!



  1. Thanks so much for the shout out!
    As a follower, you're entered too, of course!

    Although working with me is the best prize you could ever hope for.
    Right? ;-)


  2. I hoping I can borrow some of her goodies!!! she has some wonderful goodies... I know the 2 of you have a wonderful time together... when you see each other.

    Take care and love your aprons!!